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Have you ever wondered who you truly are and what you are really capable of?

My work is aimed at helping you EXPERIENCE your true self and to help you DEMONSTRATE your true potential so you may live the life you so desire and heal.

It is my experience and understanding as a healer that our physical world, our bodies included are built and created upon the more subtle realms of our existence, energy and consciousness.

Consciousness is the creative force, (there are different levels of consciousness.

Energy is the information we hold as individuals collated through our past emotional experiences and stored in the cells of our bodies.

Consciousness simply creates. Emotional energy is the information asking consciousness to create it. This is our creative process.

When energy mingles with consciousness our individual reality is created and experienced by us.

​Our past positive emotional experiences create positive future potentials, our negative past emotional experiences produce negative future potentials.

My work is aimed at pinpointing the negative energy, from past experiences and trauma which my client will be presenting and transforming it to positive, lighter, higher vibrational energy so that the future potential becomes lighter brighter for my client

The lighter and brighter our individual energy the lighter and brighter our physical life experience

This model of healing encompasses any kind of desired change. 

Welcome to my healing world ♥️​

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About Me

After a series of spiritual experiences and a realisation of self in my late 20s ….  my perception of who we are and the world we live in changed completely.  With heightened sensory perception, a deeper understanding of who we are with insight into the the world of energy and the subconscious,  I became interested in people, why we suffer  and how we can transform and heal. ​

I am a healer, ​

I love to help people understand more, who we truly are and how we function as Human Beings. When we know this….We are empowered! To live life deliberately and not be victims of life circumstances.

I share how The powerful present moment, consciousness, energy, awareness, intention and meditation empower us to become the people we desire to be and live the lives we desire to live.

This is how I work 1-1 ..

A client presents their issue. 

I tune in to my client and usually a timeline presents itself, I see the age on the timeline at which the presenting problem started.  Sometimes I see the energetic image stored in the cell causing the issue. I help my client to remember release and resolve the issue.  Sometimes the issue goes back to a past life. Sometimes it is as simple as remembering the issue in a healing session to resolve it.

For life threatening dis-eases clients book in to see me for 4 2 hour session which can be weekly, bi-weekly or 3 weekly depending on our initial healing plan of action. ​

I have the honour of being a Chanel for my guides. They sometimes work through me to raise my clients energy, repair their energy field or give guidance to help my client heal.​

Healthy energy field, Healthy physical life ♥️

If you would like to know a little about my spiritual journey I have written a book A Quantum Leap in a Lifetime, a spiritual autobiography, sharing the path I took from ignorance into bliss, a journey from victim to victor and beyond. 

The book is available in digital format now on Amazon​​



My face to face appointments are at The Mind & Body Clinic Burbage LE10 2LH

You can book an appointment online at

For international clients and clients wanting to work remotely please call +44 07450995380

I look forward to working with you. Thank you.


Poolside Meditation


Mindfulness and Meditation classes for beginners, 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks.

Learn a basic understanding and practical competence for applying mindfulness to your daily life to understand yourself at a deeper level, to live life in the in the powerful present moment for maximum Zen tranquility.

Statistics show that mindfulness relieves stress by 40% and anxiety and depression by over 50%.

Start your day as you mean to go on, nurturing self and being Mindful. 


Infinite Healing Words  -  Healer's open palms reaching up with a deep space background of


I work face to face and remotely.

Sessions start with a humble sharing and talking of the presenting issue.  I am able to perceive within the energy field the energy block and root cause of the presenting problem.

When we have discussed and retrieved the root cause we work to release and resolve it, this simply allows healing.

I am a channel for healing, my guides work through me to repair energy systems and give guidance which brings about physical mental and emotional healing. 

Working remotely

​Is exactly the same principle and format.





During this law of attraction seminar we will learn more of who we are as integrated human beings and how we function to create the lives we live.

With this knowledge we will experience through a mindful and meditative state how to deliberately create the desire of our intention and live our hearts desire.

This is a Master Class of how to create deliberately.  

This course runs on the last Saturday of every month at the Mind & Body Clinic.


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